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Principles to a Successful Showroom Interior Design

Showrooms are the best way to help showcase new products, and we know that there are many schools of thoughts and approaches to how to design the interior layout of your showroom. However, here are some common principles to help create attention to highlight products, and to help generate more sales. Designing your show room interior is a huge topic, since it can be a make or break. Here BNN help streamline our experience with clients, and look into the basics when it comes to creating a creative interior design for showroom.

1. The First Impression

We call them the threshold area, this is the very first space one customer walks in, and generates their first impression. Depending on the size of your showroom, we will need to create a proper threshold area accordingly. This is the space where your customers walks in from the outside world. It is critical to use good lightings, fixtures, displays, and colours to showcase the image you wish to portray to your customers.

2. Create a Walking Path

You don't want them to wander around your showroom with no clear directions. Organize your showcases in a way that leads them to understand your company culture, the product launch, the team behind the technology etc. The more they stay in the showroom, the more they understand and the more likely they will make a purchase off the showroom. This is how an interior designer designs a well thought path to strategically control customer flow. One of the easiest way around a smaller showroom is a circular path, commonly used in car showrooms.

3. Slow Them Down

Again, you want them to linger around your showroom for a considerable amount of time. The best way in doing so is to showcase your best products and merchandizes, information, brochure, leaflets etc. Station good amount of sales person to answer queries from clients. This helps them to understand the products better. Another good strategy is to deploy "speed bumps". These are visuals, displays, or beverage stations to help break the flow of your visitors.

4. Keep them Comfortable

You want to make sure they feel comfortable at your showroom. This means to have proper air conditioning to accommodate a large number of people in the showroom, sufficient lighting on your products so they can view information and brochures comfortably, also incorporate comfortable seating around your showroom. At the end of the day, you want to encourage your customers to linger around your showroom longer.

Designing your showroom interior design is a long and painful process, where it needs to be spiced up from time to time before people gets bored with the same old look. At the end of the day, you want your customers to have an enjoyable time around your showroom, and focus on your products. Put that in mind as your primary objective and don't steer away in one of your overly creative interior design moments.

Lastly, remember to always observe your customers on how they interact with your products, your features and get good feedback from them. Know what they like and dislike, and you will get a better blueprint for your next design.