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Low Cost Design Ideas for Shopping Mall and Retail Shops Interior Design

The retail shops around Malaysia has been crowding shopping malls in recent years, and we are seeing a smaller estate for retails. Many business owners are struggling on the setup, layout and most importantly the interior design for their newly acquired retail outlet. There are strategic ways in creating sections and furniture organization with clever interior design implementations.
Here are some of the more effective ways around a small retails space:

1. Paint an accent or feature wall

Painting one wall with a strong contrasting bold colour is a great way to start, andalso to make the shop look larger. From our experience in working with different mall outlets, a bold coloured wall creates the illusion of receding in space. Putting a colourful printed fabric or wallpaper on one of your walls is one clever way to achieve a similar style, while adding eye-catching textures and patterns to your shopping mall store.

2. Create window-like effects

Windows breaks up the space, they can open up a small space and make it look wider than original. In one of our renovation work, we make use of white coloured panels across an entire wall, creating the illusion of windows like. This creates an illusion of a large window letting plenty of lights in, and help the room feel larger.

3. Your Interior Designs can extend vertically

Make use of features like tall cabinets, tall space saving racks etc. By extending the visual vertically, you create levels and also save space. Hanging shelving at different levels is the easiest way to achieve this effect. Aesthetically, you can also use curtains and drapes, hanging from the top all the way down to achieve the same effect.

4. Keep it Simple

Many times we see shop owners trying to overdo their shop. This creates a cluttered and messy look. One good tip around this is to pick big items instead of small dangly ones. When these big simple items are well combined and accentuated, it looks elegant.

5. Move beyond Shelves

Shelves can be a very effective way to make the most of your wall space, but you can also find for alternatives which are less traditional looking and equally functional. Get away from the big standing shelves for small items. Get a board instead, so you can pin your display items on the wall to draw highlights. Head board saves space, and makes more sense since they are display at eye levels.

6. Use Book Cases as Dividers for Sections

Dividing sections around the shop is no easy task, and to make things more difficult it's a small space to start with. So, from our experience, one good way to work around with this isto use open book shelves. Tall open bookshelves can help block visuals from one segment to another. They are also extremely flexible in the organizing department, so you can easily change your displayed merchandizes.

7. Illuminate your Shop's Interior in Creative Ways

Lighting is important in any retail shop, but it's particularly critical in small and tight spaces. If a corner of your shopping mall shop is not well lit, that square footage is not seen. We recommend tousea combination of track lights, spot lights, and wall lights. This lighting combitation will not only ensure that your entire interior space is well lit, but it also will add flair and variety.