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Setting the Mood Right with Restaurant Interior Design

As interior designers who are actively involved in restaurant design and renovations, we understand that the interior design decides the tone of a restaurant. BNN offers an architectural design and branding specialty which allows us to help design restaurants of different cuisines and setups. With many years of experience at the forefront of bars, cafes, restaurant, and eatery landscape, we have positioned ourselves to be one of the leading Food & Beverage interior designers in Malaysia. Interior design is highly associated to brand identity and F&B consultation, which makes the designing work so important.

In the process of idea creation, these ideas and executions can greatly impact the mood and the food direction of a particular restaurant establishment. Understanding the cuisine, food and culture is the first step to create a wonderful dining experience. We work closely with the restaurant owner, to help combine interior and identity design to come up with a holistic design service for restaurants.

Many times it's about working with the latest and timeless trends with restaurant designs. Restaurants have to be equipped with the latest designs given the stiff competition in the market. For example, the latest trend in recent years is to create an industrial looking theme, with bare ceilings, clever use of raw materials like cements and wood etc. As trends like wooden furniture and industrial aesthetics grow and evolve, we keep our interior designs up to date, and extends further into finer components like lightings, soft furnishings, menu, washroom design etc. Every detail counts to make up a fine dining experience, be it a formal or a casual one.

A well designed and thought after interior design, should never distract itself from the food, it should blend and complement as one. A properly designed restaurant can subtly contribute to one of those memorable evening. Every interior design house will have their signature touch, we adore the warm vibes.

Restaurant interior design it's not just about the aesthetics. We care for practicality and functionality too, after all your restaurant is a running business. Seating arrangements, seating capacity, kitchen design, cashier placements etc. are one of our many prioritized factors in designing your restaurant. We make sure that your customers can enjoy their meal with ample space, without feeling uncomfortably packed with strangers.

We have designed a wide range of different restaurants from different cuisines, to different settings and different offerings. For more information, please visit our website and look through our promising interior design works, and I'm sure you will find faith and creativity from BNN Design.