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How to Get your Entertainment Outlet Interior Design Right

Entertainment outlets like spa centres, pubs and café is getting pretty high demanded in recent years. These are the most likely to be a youngsters' hangout spots. As the crowded competition heats up, entertainment outlet interior designs are crucial in ensuring great reviews and ever flowing customers. BNN offers architectural design and branding specialty, which allows us to help build many famous entertainment outlets around in Malaysia. We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading interior design companies in Malaysia that showcases creative interior designs in the lifestyle landscape.

The idea creation of your interior space is extremely important, the entrance generates the first impression for people who walks into the space. Understanding your company culture and business modal, is the first step into designing a mind blowing interior. This is why we insist on working closely with business owners throughout the process to ensure all areas are well ticked.

All interior design company will bear a home brewed design signature, and we are no different. We believe in clean lines, modern contemporary designs, and most importantly integrating some timeless elements into the bigger paradigm. Keeping things simple is one of the best way to stay clean, and make sure customers pay attention to what is important – your service and your product. Never distract your customers from what is important. The latest trend is to mix raw materials into the entire design language. For example, cements, galvanized piping, industrial lightings etc. Combined with soft materials like wooden materials for features, tables, chairs etc., you get a complete package.

Lighting is another aspect that is often overlooked. Lightings can single handily shift the mood and ambience of your interior design. Therefore, one have to be decided in whether to go for cool or warm lighting. If you wish to create a romantic ambience in your outlet, dim the lightings so customers can focus on what is important. This setting is amazing for massage parlours, spas, pubs etc.

Creating a feature wall is probably the best idea one can give. This feature wall should communicate with your customers, on what represents your business best. You can make use of posters, quotes, paintings, photographs etc. to portray your corporate image. This wall should stay simple, and let the façade do the talking.

Creating touches of luxury can communicate elegance. Customers judge you by your interior design and décor. There are plenty of clever use of luxe materials. For example – marble flooring, gold accented features, drapes, curtains etc. to give your entertainment's interior design a luxurious lift. If you are a fan of some classical decors, add leather and suede for the extra style.

For more information, please browse through our past projects to get a good sense on what we do best.