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June, 2011 Magazine: Reno & Decor
Designer of the Month.

A word that belongs to only us.

" B&N Design Associate is a professional Residential & Commercial Interior Design Company in Malaysia. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and managing a wide base of different projects. We start realizing creative design from sketches, to build and renovate your physical spaces. We claim pride for all the awards we achieved throughout the years. We feel that your residential or commercial space should not just be another project to us, but a task to provide the perfect interior environment with functionality. "

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Jan 2009 Magazine: Designer Concept
The doctrine of simplicity in an office space .

Client: SteriPack Asia

" B&N Design Utilizes a seven step management tool to Design Consultancy Each step of this process is carefully monitored as part and parcel of the Project schedule. "

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DEC, 2009 Magazine: Designer Concept
Designer of the year 2009.

Discovery Publisher.

DEC, 2009 Award: Designer of the year
Designer of the year 2009.

Designer Concept, Discovery Publisher.

June, 2010 Magazine: Designer Concept Vol:6
Designer of the month.

Designer Concept, Discovery Publisher.

DEC, 2014 award: My Favourite ID
My Favourite ID, office edition 2014.

My Favourite ID

Feb, 2011 Magazine: Room
A Dash Of Lavish.


May, 2012 Magazine: My Home
Living Gallery.

My Home.

Jan, 2009 Magazine: Sweet Home Vol. 14
Home Instyle.

Sweet Home.

DEC, 2010 Magazine: Home Concept
Home Concept.

Home Concept.

" B&N Design is driven to help achieve your interior dreams. With our established name in the interior design industry, your interior ideas will be translated to reach the best solution. "

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