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Three Principles to House Interior Designs

Everyone pours their best efforts in decorating their newly acquired home. A beautiful decorated house interior serves many functions, and it also creates a mood where family members gather together. In order to create the best designs, here is a couple of ingredients one can work on that ensures a success.

Before thinking about the fine details, the paintings and the soft furnishings, look at the bigger picture. You will be spending time with your dearest here, think about that. Look through magazines, and consult interior designers for ideas you are comfortable with. You are not going for the extravagant, you should settle for the comfortable. Then we can start looking at these critical areas.


Home interior designing is not just creating eye appealing designs, it's about creating a functional area to live in. You should determine a primary focus in your room, it could be your fireplace, your TV set or a bookshelf. This should be where your eyes should be laid once entered the room. Then, work your furniture around the focal point, colour schemes, size and what not, it should complement your focal point. There is no rule as to how to arrange your furniture sets. What you can do is to properly measure and know your electrical points, so you won't end up in cable management chaos. If you have the extra budget, go wireless. Keep the area clean and open, don't try to fit everything in, it usually ends up in a mess. After that, work with the lightings, again main lighting should shine to your main focal point, and the rest of the ambient lightings for texture enhancements and to improve on room details.


The mood of your room is primarily decided by the colour tones, then followed by the style of your furnishing, wall texture and patterns, soft features etc. There are so many things to play with in altering the mood or the tone. Usually, similar to the focal point of your room, the mood has an inspiration piece. It could be a painting, a decorative piece you purchased from Bangkok, or a set of your favourite pillows. This act as the basis for selecting the rest of your themes, patterns and textures. So if your painting is an oils painting of a waterfall, work around with water droplet patterns, cool tones and colours as your theme. If your painting is a digital print of greeneries, play with the green spectrum as your theme. When these add up, your room will be reflect a distinct mood – cool, calm, refreshing, contemporary, warm, the way you like it.


The final touch. Here is your chance to put your personal stamp/signature to a well-designed house. Pick your best accessories, the furnishings that screams YOU. It would be great if all these go along with your theme, but it's time to get creative here. Your favourite picture frame, your favourite antique pots, your handcrafted ceramic mugs etc. Work out of the box, try the unexpected. You will be surprised with the results. The thing with personality is, it's distinctive. You are not confined to rules and regulations, after all art is just as subjective as human personality, and your house should behave just like the owner, you. Interior designers can offer advises and guidelines, but you know yourself best. Spice it up!