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Factors to Consider in Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is quite different from residential interior design. Unlike residential interior design that you only have to concern about your own preference (or maybe your family member’s too), commercial interior design have to take into account the benefit of many others. The term commercial here does not just refer to office but also counts in retail outlet and restaurant/cafe that is opened to public.

Colour can make a great difference to the overall visual effect. Besides picking a colour that is appealing for the eyes of the employees and visitors, you should never forget to incorporate the colour of your company logo or your theme colour into the interior design. It is a great way to enhance the branding of your company!

Lighting is another important factor that you should never overlook. Generally, brighter lighting is preferred so that the atmosphere is less dull and seeing things is less effortful. However, the brightness of light should tallies with its purpose. Imagine having a romantic candle light dinner in a French restaurant that is brightly lit, does it sound romantic still? Thus, the interior design for restaurant/café should consider the type of ambience that they would like to create.

Additionally, the usage of space has to be properly planned to ensure a smooth conduct of activities. An arrangement of furnishings that is not strategic is definitely going to hamper the execution of tasks. For example, an office interior design that doesn’t allow the employees to move easily will result in low productivity.

Commercial interior design should also take note on the safety of its employees and visitors. This is particularly true to be applied for retail outlet interior design where your potential clients might be unfamiliar with the layout of your retail outlet. Even an uneven surface on the floor might cause your visitors to stumble.