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The Trending Malaysia Corporate Interior Design in 2017

Depending on the workforce you intend to attract, your corporate interior design should fit their expectations. 2017 is the year millennials gushing into the workforce, and it is important to understand what corporate image, and what corporate design attracts the best talents. Let's not forget that the past decade, plenty of technology has matured and met breakthroughs unseen of, and the millennials are pretty well aware on the progress and achievements. Technology tends (such as wearables and tablets) will continue to influence corporate interior designs.

There are many factors which contributes to the latest corporate interior design landscape in 2017, we will go through some of them we feel important, and comb through how it might affect the workplace design.

Feature Storage

Storage serves an apparent function, to store. However, with new storage systems introduced in recent times, they have become an indispensable modern feature piece, it provides additional character to a workplace. Storage furniture now serves as dividers, seating area furniture etc. the designs and styles have evolved, and it's something you expect in a corporate setting. Raw materials, natural finishes, minimalistic designs are the go to in 2017.

Data Driven Design

The emergence of wearable techs are greatly influencing the corporate interior design. In the past, corporate workplace interior design is mapped based on assumptions because they have no data to work with. Today, with wearables like infrared sensors, biometric sensors, accelerometers, microphones, Bluetooth devices, we are able to mine data on employee movements, attendance, speech patterns, postures and many more. These new technology can better understand different behaviours, and their contributions to productivity.

Open Space Design

Open space design helps promote collaboration. With an open space design, employees have the fullest transparency at the office. It also promotes seamless communications, ideas exchange and mobility around the office. Research has shown that employees work more efficiently when they work with each other from different departments. This also means employees have options on how they prefer to work, to make them feel more involved and empowered in the business process

Biophilic Design

Offices are now situated between concretes after concretes, where we have very little exposure to the greens. Research has shown that human is more productive with plants, natural lights and views of nature. Incorporating greenery in interior design is a good way to bring positive effects to the workforce. Another way is to utilize as many glass panels as possible, so you get a good amount of natural lightings flowing into your workspace. These efforts are not just to pull an impressive design feat, but it also reflects degrees of corporate social responsibility.

Integrated Technology

This is one of the most prominent trend in 2017. Again, technology has outgrown themselves tremendously. There are many new innovations today which are baked into furniture and features. This allows for fast, quick and flexible connections. Just to name a few, wireless charging, touch screen panels, equipment automation, cloud storage, screen casting, li-fi etc.