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Space Saving Tips for Condominium Interior Designs

Many prefers a small personal space than a large real estate to stay in. And this is where condominium is so popular, especially among the millennials. However, one common problem we are always asked is, how do we design our condominium given its small usable estate? The simple answer to this is to save space. Here are some of the tips in working with condominium interior designs.

Use Straight Lines

Straight lines elongates a small space, and creates an impression the room is longer that it really is. Use simple lines in your furniture arrangements and paint textures to bring the effect out. Along those lines, try not to break them with divisions. Use lower than eyesight level furniture no avoid sight obstructions. Use more glass to create those lines for maximum openness. With all these, you should be able to achieve a visually huge room.

Use white as primary colour, and plenty of natural lighting

White is the new modern, so use white to brighten up a small room. Use a lot of white to create a larger room impression that reality, but don't forget that some vibrant and contrasting colours can be used as accent colour to prevent the space from looking too clinical. Clever use of glass windows can help bring in more light too, again to visually enlarge the space.

Pick multipurpose furniture

Reason is obvious, to save space. Multi-functional furniture is always recommended by interior designers, when not in use they can save plenty of space. For example, you can buy a bed, which has a study table underneath. Or, buy a sofa for your living room, which has a huge storage space underneath. Every inch matters, and by using these furniture you room will look clean, and allows you to save up on storage space.

Place mirrors on walls

Mirrors create reflections of your space, and it visually enlarge your room space. One common trick is to place a floor to ceiling mirror in your room, the result is astonishing. Make sure you pick quality mirrors so they don't chip or break easily from day to day use. Mirrors can be extremely flexible, where you can place them in kitchens, living room, bedrooms etc.

Choose a Practical Design

Condominium interior designing it's more than just creating a visually appealing space, so you have to pick a practical and functional design within a small living area. Pick something clean, so you wont end up messing with tangling cables or disorganized storage space. The trend now is to pick a minimalistic approach, so avoid too many decors and intricate textures, they capture dusts pretty easily. Pick built in furniture to maximize your available space, especially height. Pick finishing that is easy to clean. At the end of the way, you are looking at practicality above aesthetics.