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Essential Tips to an Inspiring Café Interior Design

People don't just come for food sampling anymore, they take plenty of pictures, and in this day and age your café interior design can make or break your business on the social media craze. Most often, the café interior design and atmosphere is as essential as the food you serve. BNN Design takes this area very seriously, and we have plenty of experience to provide tips and ideas on this study.

1. Create Warm and Dim Lightings all around

Dim Lighting suggest romance, warm and proximity. A subtle and moodier atmosphere helps pull people closer together over a cup of coffee. This allows your customers to focus on each other, the food and that's all. Play with dark colours and materials like leather and wood to complement this look and feel.

2. Be creative in your Café Building

Gone are the days where a proper eatery need to be established in malls and shop lots. Go creative! Some of the most striking and beautiful buildings are great for a café establishment. For example, abandoned churches, factories etc. can create some creative ambience with their high ceilings and industrial beams.

3. Art and Paintings

This is the best way to add colours to your café. Pick a common theme and start sourcing for beautiful paintings, wallpapers, photos, posters etc. Tip – Use sharp and dramatic colors and textures to differentiate your café from other run of the mill eateries.

4. Stay Simple

At the end of the day, you want customers to come enjoy and remember what they came for, the food. Your main selling point will still be the food you dish. The last thing you want to do is that people remember your décor and forgets about your food. Simple and nice dining area, your punters will focus on your food.

5. Add a Touch of Luxury

People judge you by your interior design and décor. Play around with luxe materials. For example – marble surfaces, gold features, silk curtains etc. to give your restaurant a lift in elegance and glamour. If you are a fan of some classical decors, add leather and suede for the extra style.

6. Unique Talking Points

As interior designers we always ask customers one important question – What is you Unique Selling Point? Word of Mouth and Social Media exposure is the thing to hit if you wish to draw new customers regularly. Work with a different concept, break away from the norms. This is where interior designers and café owners work hand in hand so that your interior design, tells the story of your food.

These are some of the critical areas that we always address with customers before embarking a project. With these laid our clearly, the interior design project can run smoothly with a clear direction to steer towards to. We have been working on café interior designs for many years now, and our tips and tricks should provide some value. For more information, please look into some of our interior design works across different industries for inspiring ideas.